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Did I Offend Someone?

I write this in the full awareness that it might be the end of some valuable blogging relationships but here goes anyway…


Who would have thought that a HOBBY blog post could offend so may people….

…. so here is another one….

— If I ever get judgemental or rude or mock you then please let me know ….

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds, Windows (2)

Antiparos Greek Islands

Antiparos, Greek Islands

On the way back we visited the ancient kastro that has a quaint but neglected mix of houses, some inhabited but others abandoned and crying out for refurbishment.  There were some little shops and a folk lore museum that didn’t take long to look around and by mid morning it was time for a first mythos of the day and after that we ambled back to the hotel for a swim in the pool and a drink on the terrace.

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Bodrum, A Lazy Day on a Boat

Bodrum Harbour Turkey

When we booked the all day boat cruise around Bodrum Bay I suppose that we were hoping to reprise the boat trip day with Captain Ben at Antiparos the previous year because it had been a wonderful day and we rather liked the idea of doing it again.  The full day trip was very reasonably priced at only thirty Turkish Lira so we happily signed up and handed over our cash.

As it was end of season the boat wasn’t overcrowded and we selected our positions for the day on the top deck and waited for the time when the skipper was ready to raise the gang plank, started the engine and carefully manoeuvre the wooden boat out of the crowded harbour.  It slipped past the rows of swanky yachts, beneath the shadow of St. Peter’s castle and into the bay where the sun was dancing like dainty fairies on the water ballroom dance floor.

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Greece 2011, Antiparos to Athens

Antiparos Cyclades Greece

When I woke in the morning it was a peculiar sensation (it might have been the Mythos of course) but my head was  swaying as though I was still on Captain Ben’s boat and the bed was gently bobbing from side to side but I was happy with this because it was probably good preparation because we were shortly to take another small boat ride.

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Greece 2011, Captain Ben’s Boat

Party Boat Antiparos Greece

On the previous evening the owners of the Kastro hotel had persuaded us to book a trip for a full day boating adventure and a trip around the island with Captain Ben.  They had promised that it would be great fun and that the weather would be perfect and after a couple of glasses of red wine we were easily talked into handing over our money.

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Greece 2011, Antiparos

Kastro Antiparos

The hotel Kastro was excellent, we had stayed there before and had requested the same room but the owner insisted on upgrading us at no extra cost to a superior room and we were not going to argue with that!

In the morning we had an excellent breakfast under a swaying gazebo in the garden where we planned a leisurely day in and around the village and the beaches.

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Greece 2011, Ios to Antiparos

Ios Greece Cyclades

Although we were travelling to Antiparos today the ferry wasn’t due to leave until very late afternoon so we had most of the day ahead of us to spend on Ios.  After our final breakfast with more delicious figs we packed our bags in preparation for later departure and then walked to the harbour.

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Greece 2011, The Ferry Journeys

My friend Dai Woosnam has suggested that I illustrate the blog with some maps and I am always happy to oblige and fulfil a request!

Anti-Paros, Greek Cats and Ferries


Because of rough sea the Blue Star arrived in Paros slightly behind schedule at around about midday and we left the boat onto the busy harbour full of people and vehicles getting on and getting off the boat.  The plan was to stay here for an hour or so but there was small ferry about to leave immediately for Anti-Paros so went from boat to boat without stopping over.

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