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Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

Supermoon 1

Sunday 10th August was truly awful day with the remnants of a Caribbean hurricane sweeping in across the United Kingdom and bringing heavy grey clouds and a succession of fierce storms.

There seemed little prospect therefore of seeing the supermoon that was promised to pass close by.  According to astronomers the moon was calculated to be closer to earth than it has been in the last twenty years, a mere 221,765 miles away which meant that it would be 15% bigger and 30% brighter than usual.  The scientific name for a ‘supermoon’ is a perigee moon, perigee meaning closest point to earth and it refers to the phenomenon when the moon is in its full moon stage and at its closest point to earth during its yearly orbit.

I had read about it but on account of the weather did get over enthusiastic about seeing it but then a strange thing happened.  At about 9 o’clock the clouds suddenly dissolved and left an inky black sky and a full moon so bright it shone through the windows as though it were day break.  I rushed for the camera and went outside and managed a couple of shots before the clouds came back, closed in and it was gone.

Even for that very short time I think it was the best moon that I have ever seen!