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Travels in Spain, Final Night Dining Disaster in Ávila

Generally speaking we have been fortunate to have fine weather on our travels but the rain now was relentless so we had to find something to do for the afternoon.  Fortunately it doesn’t rain in bars so we agreed that the best thing to do was to return to Le Bodega de San Segundo, where we were practically regulars now, and spend the afternoon chatting over a drink or two.

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Travels in Spain, Le Bodega de San Segundo, Ávila

The sun was still shining so we returned to the walls and climbed them again to visit the shorter southern section which in the late afternoon autumn sunshine gave marvellous views of the barren boulder strewn plain west of the city and the mountains beyond.  It didn’t take long to walk around this part of the walls and when we had completed the short route we returned to the cathedral square where the tall building was changing colour from granite grey to crimson red as the sun began to dip and bathed it in an warm rosy glow.

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Sierra de Francia in the Gredos Mountains

Actually as it turned out it would have been a whole lot better if the wind had continued to blow because when we woke in the morning there was a thick fog and the city was completely obscured from view from the hotel windows.  It was all rather spooky but above it we could make out pale blue sky so this made us more confident than we really had a right to be about the day.

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