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Postcard from The USA – Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

Between 1927 and 1941 the splendidly named sculptor John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum designed and supervised the colossal carvings to represent the first one hundred and fifty years of American history.

These days there would almost certainly be a public poll to choose the subjects but in 1927 this was entirely down to Borglum who chose George Washington to represent the birth of the United States, Thomas Jefferson the growth of the United States,  Abraham Lincoln the preservation of the United States and Theodore Roosevelt the development of the United States.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall Drug Store, South Dakota

All along Interstate 90 there were hundreds of billboards advertising the Wall Drug Store and I was beginning to wonder what this was all about when we reached the town of Wall and all was revealed.

The Wall’ is actually a rugged topographical strip a half mile to three miles wide and nine miles long with a succession of tinted spires, ridges and twisted gullies which separates the lower prairie from the upper and from which the name of the town of Wall, South Dakota is derived.

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