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Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering

Bari Night time Puglia Italy

The main square was just as busy as our first night in Bari with a tsunami of people coming in waves into the old town and then just walking backwards and forwards like an Atlantic tide.

This was the  passeggiata where local people descend on the town at dusk and just walk and sometimes stop to talk.  Some people had bought fold up garden chairs and were just sitting and chatting, others were playing cards, some were hanging around the bars but mostly they were just walking up and down and backwards and forwards, this way and that.

We enjoyed this, wandering aimlessly around and around in a never ending loop as though being caught in a whirlpool and being sucked ever close to the centre, it was rather like being part of local carnival and we knew that if we came back tomorrow then we could take part all over again.

passeggiata Lecce Italy