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Marrakech, The Red City and a case of Food Poisoning

Marrakech is popularly known as the Red City from its distinctive colouring from the pigments in the local soil mixed to make pisé from which the buildings were traditionally constructed.  In the last century this was threatened by modern building materials and the French therefore passed a law that required all new buildings to be painted crimson so that they would blend in with the originals and this remains in force even today.

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Marrakech, The Ourika Valley Trip

After yesterday’s busy day in Marrakech this morning we were going out of the city and taking a trip south along the Ourika Valley and into the Atlas Mountains.  Laurent had made the arrangements for us and had organised a car and a guide and shortly after breakfast he introduced us to Hassan who was to be our guide for the day. He led us through the streets to his vehicle and as soon as we were all comfortable he set off into the traffic and out of the city gate.

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