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Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat on Lake Bled

Lake Bled Nuns

About half way around the lake we came across a man with rowing boats for hire who was taking care of a party of nuns who were negotiating a rental agreement and were making hard work of getting their seating arrangements organised inside the craft.

This looked like fun and I was certain that they had little chance of making it to the island in the middle of the lake without capsizing the boat on the way and we watched in anticipation but were disappointed when they were joined by a burly man who clearly knew what he was doing and had the job of transporting them across.

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Slovenia, Lake Bled

It had been quite some time since I had been in charge of a boat and my rowing skills were a bit rusty when we cast off and I was called upon to negotiate our passage across the short distance to the island.  Rowing can be quite a lot more difficult than it looks and I had some early problems coordinating the actions of left and right hand oars to keep us progressing in a straight line and with Kim in charge of plotting the course I had to make frequent adjustments to maintain the right direction.  I found it most helpful however when she began to beat out the rowing tempo in the manner of a Roman galley slave-master but I was worried that I might not be able to cope physically if she decided to up the pace to Ben Hur ramming speed!

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Ljubljana – Bus Ride to Lake Bled

After another zoo time breakfast experience we left the hotel and made our way to the bus station because today we were visiting Lake Bled in the Julian Alps.  These are part of the Alps that stretch from north-eastern Italy to Slovenia.  They are named after Julius Caesar and at their highest point they rise to nearly three thousand metres at Triglav.

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