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Trogir, a Medieval Croatian Town

We were heading for the town of Trogir, which is about twenty kilometres west of Split and which is the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic complex, not only in the Adriatic, but in all of Central Europe and inevitably therefore a UNESCO World heritage site.   It was mid morning when we arrived and the town was already very busy.  The old city is built on a little island, only separated from the mainland by a few metres and with access to it over a small bridge.

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Croatia, Blue Skies and Sunsets

Croatia Blue Sky

“As the sun went down it seemed to drag the whole sky with it like the shreds of a burning curtain leaving rags of bright water that went on smoking and smouldering among the estuaries and around the many islands”                     Laurie Lee – ‘As I walked out one Midsummer Morning

Yesterday I finished with a sunset and this made me think about the sky.  Throughout the journey through Dalmatia and the Croatian islands I had been in awe of the big soft blue skies and gentle billowing clouds and throughout the week this had been very changeable.  The day had started with a disappointment in the sky but by lunchtime everywhere was exceptionally blue and the clouds were magnificent, rising high like great cathedrals in the sky.

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