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Postcard From The USA – Salt Lake City

Utah Map

We continued through Idaho before crossing into Utah and picking up the Interstate 15 which ran adjacent to the Great Salt Lake and took us into a much more urban environment than we had been used to as we approached our destination, Salt Lake City.

The city was founded in 1847 by a group of Mormon pioneers led by their prophet and leader, Brigham Young, who fled hostility and violence in the east  and took a wagon train west in search of a suitable new location for themselves and their religion.

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Coach Trip – USA National Parks, Salt Lake City and the Mormons

Mormon Temple

When we had gone to bed it was a clear night but when we woke up on day six it was miserable and pouring with rain and Jackson looked wet and bedraggled and prospects were not very promising at all.  We boarded the coach and set off south down Highway 26 which ran alongside the Snake River and then onto Highway 89 which ran through glorious mountain scenery with appropriate place names like Alpine, Etna and the Caribou National Forest.  We crossed into Idaho at a place called Geneva and at some point stopped for a mid morning break at a road side diner.

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