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Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic, Hoping For Better Weather!

Wales in the Rain

It rained in Welshpool, it rained in Newtown, it rained in Llangurig and it rained in Aberystwyth as we reached the coast and the road swung south towards our destination.  To our right the sea was grey and uninviting, lashed with spiteful squalls of stinging rain as wave after wave of dark clouds swept in from the Irish Sea and it was about now that I was forced to concede that we probably wouldn’t be having a barbeque this evening.

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Rain In Wales 1Heavy Rain in Wales

Wales 2011, A Long Drive and a lot of Rain!

Wales Carnarvon Castle Rain

“Why Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world… but for Wales?” –  Sir Thomas More – ‘A Man For All Seasons’

I was surprised that I was so easily persuaded to book a holiday cottage in Wales because most of my holiday memories of the Principality involve precipitation.

When I was a boy we used to go on family holidays to Borth in Mid Wales and stay in a caravan.  It always rained and all through the night there was a steady pitter-patter of rain on the biscuit tin roof and everywhere seemed damp, musty and cold.  Later we used to go the Plas Panteidal Hoiliday Village near Aberdovey and although the accommodation was an improvement the same could never be said for the weather.

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