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Abandoned French Plans

France Côte d'Opale

In August this year my travel itinerary included plans to take my children and young grandchildren to a holiday cottage in Northern France.

I like Northern France, I have been there many times but today I have been forced to reconsider my plans and to cancel the proposed holiday.

Thank you France…

Thank you for allowing any rag tag trade union organisation to call a wildcat strike and close down the cross channel ferries and the Eurostar service.  How absurd is it for a western European country to allow militant strikers to close roads and railway lines by lighting toxic bonfires of tyres and hay bales.

The French are unbelievable, they think that rules of modern European society do not apply to them and they can do pretty much anything they please.

Thank you to the French police who are clearly strike sympathisers and stand by and take no action against this transportation vandalism.

Thank you again to the idle French police who slide off for a gauloise and a MacDonalds and turn a blind eye to economic migrants who daily attempt to cross the channel to get to England.


Thank you also to the French public who seem by some twisted logic to think this is the fault of the UK Government.  These law breakers are in France but the authorities there want the UK to pay for dealing with the problems.

So my decision is made.  My holiday is cancelled.  With three young children I simply will not take the risk of wildcat strikes, ferry cancellations and scenes of unpleasantness that the French authorities refuse to deal with.

I have always liked France but right at this moment – NEVER AGAIN, I will not spend another Euro in France,  I am off to Wales instead.

North Wales Castles