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France, Beziers to Setê to Arles

Canal du Midi France Setê

“It’s not all pristine.  Proper ports temper grandeur with skulduggery.  There are chaps you wouldn’t want to meet other than in broad daylight. But walk the canal network, perhaps take a boat and then park yourself at any of the fish restaurants fronting the Canal Royal…”                                                                  Anthony Peregrine – The Telegraph Travel Supplement.

After a long day previously we slept late in a dark room blacked out by tight electric shutters and it was well past nine o’clock before we went downstairs and had an exceptionally good breakfast.  We were planning to drive to Arles today further east and there were a number of different options for the route so we debated these over our food but failed to come to any firm conclusions except that we would first of all go to Setê, a fishing port and holiday resort on the Mediterranean coast.

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