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Entrance Tickets – The Bull Ring in Seville

Museo Taurino Sevilla

The origin of modern day bullfighting on foot (rather than horseback) can be traced back to Seville and to the town of Ronda, also in Andalusia.

It is one of the most charming bullrings in the country and although its capacity is only fourteen thousand spectators, which makes it rather small (the bullring in Madrid has a capacity of twenty-five thousand), it attracts all of the country’s finest bullfighters.

All of us except Christine, because she loves animals and can’t bear to think of them suffering, paid for and joined an informative and entertaining thirty-minute tour of the arena and the museum. We learned that bulls from an ancient bloodline are specially bred to fight and Spain is now the only country in the world to preserve this particular species of “toro bravo”.


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Andalusia and Seville, Carmen, Don Juan, Figaro and Bull Fights


It rained very heavily in the night and the hotel’s internal courtyard was awash with water but by breakfast time the sky had cleared and the sky was blue so it looked as though we may be in for a better day.  The Goya was closed this morning so we had exactly the same breakfast at the Bar Plaza instead and debated our itinerary for the day and agreed that today on account of the unpredictable weather that we should drive to the capital of Andalusia, Seville.

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