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Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way…

Golf Tee Off

Not a classic swing or the most elegant of shots I have to confess but reasonably effective and the ball is on the way…

This one on the other hand by my son is so much better…

Golf Jonathan Petcher

My daughter too has a superior action!

Classic Golf Tee Shot



Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

Icicles and Light

We travel through life with great ambition and sometimes imagining that we have huge talent just waiting to be unlocked.

I bought myself some golf clubs and imagined myself a Championship player.  I can’t get my handicap lower than 20!

I bought myself a guitar and imagined myself as the next Bob Dylan.  I can’t play the guitar, write songs or sing.  But then again Bob can’t sing that well either!

I started to write a blog and imagined myself a great writer.  I can’t even get Freshly Pressed!

A long time ago, about 1976, I bought myself an SLR camera and imagined myself a great photographer.  This is one of the images from that brief period of expectation that I was certain would be snapped up by National Geographic. It wasn’t!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

My Golf Clubs…

I don’t know why we worry so much about our golfing skills, it’s as though we are convinced that everyone else out there is a Tiger Woods or an Rory McIlroy and the reality is of course that they are just not.  One of the things that I am very good at on a golf course is finding other peoples lost balls, I have got thousands of them, more than enough to see me through my golfing days without ever having to buy another one, and here is the point I am making, if everyone else is so good why is it that I have got so many of their balls?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

The Swish of the club, the thump of impact and the Fizz of the ball..

First thing next morning we had the standard Ibis breakfast at the hotel and filled up on ham and cheese and bread rolls to keep us going until lunchtime and afterwards we set off for the golf course for the first of the dads v. lads challenge matches.

It was a lovely morning and although there was some cloud it was mostly sunny and we arrived at the course and presented ourselves for our appointed tee-time.  Surprisingly the course wasn’t at all busy so we made our way to the tee and after we had made sure no-one was watching we took it in turns to tee off down the par 5 first.

The green looked a mile away but first Jon and then Scot made easy work of it with impressive long drives that split the fairway.  Needless to say we didn’t follow their example and all of a sudden the challenge looked rash!  The lads stormed to an early lead that they managed to retain through the first few holes.  From very early on I kept making the mistake of walking ahead whilst Richard was still to take his next shot.  This was a silly thing to do and everyone kept reminding me of the last time I was foolish enough to do such a thing and he had put a Titliest ProV in my face and sent me to hospital for a mouthful of stitches.   It was my own fault and I only actually went to hospital after the round was finished when it became clear that I couldn’t drink a pint of beer without spilling it through the holes in my lips that shouldn’t have been there.  We now have a firm ‘stand behind Richard routine’ that is most sensible to observe.

We negotiated the first part of the course and although the lads were out-driving us and achieving impressive distances down the fairways we managed to stay in touch with some astute approach play and skilful putting and by the turn they were only slightly ahead and Richard and I were confident of taking the lead some time soon.  The course was in really good shape and we were pleased to be able to play at a pleasant pace with hardly any one about to put us off of our game.  No-one in front and no-one behind, we were playing millionaire’s golf!

So none of us had a proper explanation for just what happened to Scot when he suddenly developed a two-off-the-tee habit of sending his first shot everywhere but down the middle of the fairway.   Needing all the help we could get we took unsportsmanlike advantage of this and teased him constantly about his waywardness.  All that mockery did the trick and on the last nine holes he lost nine balls, he was hitting it a long way but he was hopelessly inaccurate and suddenly things were looking up for the dads!  Only a few holes to go and the lead was beginning to shrink.

But Jon kept his steady head on and continued to play consistently well and then the wheels came off of Richard’s game as well. As his head went down the lads scented victory and moved in for the kill and with a strong finish made sure of the win.  The beer and the lunch was on the dads.  It had been a good game and in the end it was a thoroughly deserved victory for the two boys.  And as we looked at it there was always tomorrow’s rematch where we could get our just revenge.  Unfortunately the club-house restaurant was closed for the day but they managed to find us some baguettes so we had those and reflected on the game with a couple of beers.

Travels in Spain, Villamartin Golf


We had a relatively early tee-time booked at Villamartin so we got up in good time and made breakfast that we enjoyed on the balcony.  The place was strangely quiet and we were quite clearly the only occupants of the thirty-six apartments that surrounded an immaculate garden and pool area.

The weather was good with a blue sky and just a few high billowing white clouds and after breakfast we prepared for golf and set off for the course and the clubhouse check-in.  The place looked good as soon as we wandered through the entrance gardens that were complete with fountain and statue of an athletic naturist lady golfer.

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Travels in Spain, Sun, San Miguel and Golf

Spain Iconic Image Bull

After our successful golf trip to France the previous year we had all agreed that we would reprise the event .  Four of us went to France but by the time it came to make arrangements to go to Spain we were down to only two – the boys had dropped out and left the trip to the dads to enjoy by themselves.

Undeterred by this disappointing snub we went ahead with the arrangements for a few days golf in the sun.  Richard sorted out the accommodation and I saw to the tee bookings and the car hire and with all arrangements in place we set off for Spain and the sun on a coolish sort of day in May.

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