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Doors of Malta

Malta Doors 2Mdina DoorMalta Phone BoxVictoria Rabat Door

My Holidays in Malta, Mgarr in Gozo


“Gozo remained an utterly private place and lucky the man who could find the key, turn the lock and vanish inside.”  – Nicholas Monserrat

Mgarr Gozo

This was the port of Mgarr in 1997 when I first visited…

Mgarr 1991

Malta, Door Knobs and Knockers

Malta Door Knocker 01Malta Door Knocker 02

Knobs and Knockers…

This reminded me of a friend that I once worked with.  She was restoring a Welsh dresser and using the work internet service she searched on knobs and knockers.  She got some very unexpected results and had a lot of explaining to do to the IT department!

Malta, More Fishing Boats

Malta Luzzo Working Boat

It would be easy to make the mistake of thinking that these gaily coloured boats are all pleasure craft, there for the amusement of the tourists and the visitors but they are in fact serious working boats.

Corfu Boat Building Project


Malta, Fishing Boats

Malta Boats Luzzu

In the port of Mgarr on Gozo  in the shelter of the harbour walls the iconic multi-coloured fishing boats of Malta, called Luzzu were swaying idly in the limpid water of the harbour.


Bristow Ceramics Malta BoatLuzzu Boat Malta