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Greece 2009 – Folegandros

Folegandros Chora

I woke quite early because when I am on holiday the first thing I have to do is check the weather, this is a huge responsibility and although it doesn’t take a great deal of preparation I can’t possibly slouch around in bed too long.  Usually this is a pointless exercise in Greece because the weather tends to be fairly reliable but this year was different and when I threw back the shutters this morning it was grey and overcast and it had been raining heavily during the night.

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Greece 2009 – Kimolos


It was just after midday when we arrived in Psathi, a sheltered little harbour where the most noticeable thing was that nothing at all seemed to be happening.  At the back of the beach there were a couple of bars in a dreamy setting under the shade of leafy trees and just a single road leading out of the port and up towards the Chora.  Kimolos it seemed was an unspoilt get away from it all sort of place and although I like the idea of peace and tranquillity I couldn’t help thinking that this might actually be getting away from too much.

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Greek Islands, Sifnos and The Kastro

Sifnos Greece

On the way to the village to buy breakfast I stopped at a car hire shop and negotiated the hire of 150cc orange quad bike.  We had used one last year with mixed success so were determined to give it a second try.  After all how difficult can it be? I have seen whole families driving around on one bike sometimes carrying plants and furniture and a whole weeks shopping as well.

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Greek Islands – Sifnos, Apollonia

Sifnos Pottery

The first job of the day was to take the short walk down to the village to buy some breakfast items.  Even at eight o’clock in the morning the place was busy and the mini-market and the bakery were doing brisk early trade.  Kamares has the feel of a strong community and the residents were chatting and being sociable in a way that we rarely see at home.

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Greek Islands – Serifos and the Chora

Serifos Hora Cathedral

The next morning the anticipated spectacular sunrise just didn’t happen because although the sun arrived as regularly as it ever does its first appearance was obscured by a hill on the other side of the bay and then by an inappropriately placed building opposite the hotel.  This meant that we would have to wait until we would be in Folegandros in a few days time where we knew we could rely on the early morning solar experience.  It was a bit windy still and while we had breakfast on the balcony, consisting of pastry, fruit and an excellent cup of tea we could see the boats in the harbour moving about restlessly at their moorings in response to the swell of the sea.

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Blue Doors and Windows

Amorgos Door

Windows and doors are an essential part of the historic and architectural character of any building and I find them interesting because for me they represent the transition between the public and the private world. In ancient Rome the holes in the sides of the buildings were appropriately called ‘wind eyes’.

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