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Amsterdam Mini-Cruise

Normally we take a low cost airline flight to our chosen destination but now that I live in Grimsby near to the passenger port of Hull this time we decided to take our chances on the high seas and take a P&O mini-cruise.  The P&O website makes everything sound rather grand and markets the North Sea crossing like this:

Mini cruises to Amsterdam include a 2-night stay, travelling in style in one of our ensuite cabins and taking advantage of a host of facilities onboard. You will find a fantastic range of dining experiences with the famous West End Langan’s Brasserie and our Four Seasons buffet restaurant. After your meal why not relax in one of our stylish bars, take in a film at the cinema or even join the high-rollers in the casino? There is also live entertainment for the whole family, plus hundreds of great deals can be found in our onboard shop’.

I have never been cruising so this all sounded rather seductive until Micky pointed out that this wasn’t really a cruise at all but just a simple ferry crossing and more of a sow’s ear than a silk purse and that I wouldn’t need my dinner jacket because there was no chance of being invited to the captain’s table because he would be too busy negotiating the ship through the busy shipping lanes of the North Sea regions of Humber and Thames.


Tulips to Amsterdam, P&O Mini Cruise and the Humber Estuary

P&O Pride of Rotterdam

For just over ten years between 2000 and 2011 I worked for South Holland District Council and if ever I went away to a meeting or a conference and introduced myself I almost always had to explain to at least one person that this was in Lincolnshire in the UK and not in the Netherlands.  It seemed appropriate therefore that a year after leaving employment there that I and my regular travelling companions (also all ex-South Holland) should visit the country after which our region was named and whose symbol is the tulip.

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