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Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

I have mentioned here before that at school I always enjoyed bible stories and to illustrate this I have come across an old drawing that dad kept for many years in his scrapbook.  This was my early attempt to create a pictorial record of the feeding of the five thousand and it always amused him because he always wondered where the other four thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine people were!

Please try and remember that I drew this picture over fifty years ago so I have absolutely no explanation to offer as to why it has failed so miserably to capture the scale of the event and why there is only one person in it.  Actually, as it happens, there were a lot more than five thousand because this didn’t include the women and the children.  Possibly the person in the picture is Jesus himself and the crowd is behind me listening attentively, or perhaps I was just being meticulous and concentrating on producing a perfect picture, or maybe it was the end of the day, the school bell rang and I simply ran out of time but I’m afraid I will just never know.

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