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Travels in Slovenia – Ljubljana and the Park Hotel

Some of our travel journeys are impulse decisions, usually in response to a last minute bargain flight deal, but the trip to Ljubljana was planned well in advance because we were acting upon a recommendation and because it was a destination that sounded interesting and that appealed to us both.

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Ljubljana – Bus Ride to Lake Bled

After another zoo time breakfast experience we left the hotel and made our way to the bus station because today we were visiting Lake Bled in the Julian Alps.  These are part of the Alps that stretch from north-eastern Italy to Slovenia.  They are named after Julius Caesar and at their highest point they rise to nearly three thousand metres at Triglav.

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Ljubljana – Park Hotel

We had had some difficulty in finding some suitable accommodation in Ljubljana and had eventually decided upon the Hotel Park which although suspiciously cheap and almost certainly basic sounded as though it would provide us with a good central location for our visit and we committed ourselves to a booking.  After we had orientated ourselves and found our bearings we set off on the short walk to our chosen lodgings.  After a few hundred metres we turned a corner and there towering above us was an ugly concrete structure and a sign confirming our worst nightmare, this was the Hotel Park; Oh My God!

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Slovenia, Lake Bled and a Rowing Boat Adventure

Lake Bled

Leaving Ljubljana the local bus passed out of the city and into the countryside and passed through green meadows flanked by snow capped mountains, vivid green fields surrounding semi Alpine villages with traditional farmhouses and churches.  Finally, after about an hour and twenty minutes on the efficient little bus we pulled into Bled and disembarked into the tourist town and the sunshine.  We planned to walk around the lake but before we started we found a terrace bar for refreshments and debated the alternatives of clockwise or anti-clockwise (a bit like choosing a route around the M25) and we both agreed that anti-clockwise for some unknown reason seemed preferable.

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