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More Leif Ericson – The High Chaparral

Leif Erikson

When I was a boy I used to like to watch TV Westerns.

Leif Erickson (real name William Wycliffe Anderson) played John Cannon in the High Chaparral  which I have to say was never one of my big favourites. This seems to me to be a strange alternative name to choose, he wasn’t even from Minnesota and Will Anderson sounds like a perfectly good name for a cowboy actor to me.

Challenge – Here are the birth names of ten more western actors – Do you know what they changed them to and how they became better known?

Marion Mitchell Morrison (an easy one to start with)

James Scott Bumgarner

Jack Carlton Moore

Buddy Lee

Norman Eugene Walker

Leonard Franklin Slye

Lyon Himan Green

Eugene Maurice Orowitz

Orison Whipple Hungerford

and finally Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg (just one TV western series but a famous actress)

I’ll give the answers in a day or two…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning – Iceland, Sólfar Suncraft

Sólfar Suncraft

Sólfar Suncraft

Beginning of a Voyage…

Good information on this site about Viking ships: