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A to Z of Balconies – Chinchón in Spain

Chinchón is a delightful small town about thirty miles south of Madrid. The Plaza in is in a marvellous location with a big irregular shaped square that is used for town festivals and the occasional bullfight; it is surrounded by a hierarchical arrangement of buildings of two and three storeys with two hundred and thirty-four wooden running balconies all painted a uniform shade of green called ‘claros’ and below theses shops, bars and restaurants on the ground floor all spilling out onto the pavement.

It was the location for one of the opening scenes, a bullfight as it happens, in the 1966 film, ‘Return of the Magnificent Seven’ and was also used as a location for the film ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’.

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Spain 2011, Chinchón

Chinchon Madrid Spain

Although we had stayed in Chinchón before  this didn’t help us pinpoint the location of the hotel which was hidden away in the warren of tiny back streets at the back of the town.

It took some finding and when we did, the door was locked, there was no sign of life and a line of people waiting to book in.  Eventually someone arrived and it was just coincidence that all of tonight’s guests had arrived at exactly the same time.  It had been difficult finding accommodation in Chinchón so I was rather nervous about the Casa Rural La Graja but it turned out that that had been unnecessary because we were shown to an excellent room with a balcony that looked out over the street and for the first time there was blue sky.

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Travels in Spain, Monday Morning Rush Hour in Madrid

It was an eleven o’clock flight from Madrid back to London Luton and Ávila is about one hundred kilometres from the city so I calculated that it would take at most two hours and that we should begin our journey at seven o’clock which would give us plenty of time to make the drive, return the car, check in and do a bit of duty free shopping.

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