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France, The Opal Coast and Ambleteuse

Ambleteuse beach

Ambleteuse is a picturesque village that used to be a harbour and has a lot of association with England just across the Channel. The reason it is here relates to the temporary needs of various invaders for conquering people from either side of the English Channel.  It is said that Julius Caesar used this convenient place to set out from for his invasion of Britain in 54 BC.  Henry VIII of England had two forts built here to maintain a show of power towards the French kings. James II fleeing England after his abdication arrived here in 1689 and Fort Mahon, built to protect the harbour in the seventeenth century, was used by Napoleon to moor part of his England invasion fleet in 1805.

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Cross Channel Ferry and Cite d’Europe

Cross Channel Ferry

About six months ago I invited Sally and Molly to join me to cross the Channel on a holiday to France.  I calculated that it would be more convenient to go by car rather than by plane because this meant no luggage restrictions, which is important for Sally who is not the World’s best suitcase packer.  I didn’t propose to go too far and I found suitable looking accommodation in a gîte in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France in a village called Maninghen-Henne just a few miles inland from Boulogne.

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