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Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Saint Petersburg Midnight Train to Moscow

Grand Express, Saint Petersburg to Moscow

The train was the Grand Express, a privately operated overnight service and advertised as ‘a luxury hotel on wheels’ and goes on in more detail, ‘You will be impressed by the level of service on Grand Express. It is Russia’s first privately owned luxury passenger train, offering overnight trips from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg. Only ‘Grand Express’ can offer you spacious sleeping carriages with toilets, shower cabins and air-conditioning, with wide sofas and LCD-TV sets, with DVD-players and Wi-Fi Internet access.’

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Russia, Midnight Train to Moscow

Saint Petersburg Midnight Train to Moscow

Transport eventually arrived at ten o’clock but fitting all of the luggage into the small coach proved more difficult than cracking the Rubik’s Cube Puzzle.

For Kim and I, who only ever travel with cabin baggage, the size and quantity of our fellow travellers bags and suitcases was simply jaw-dropping, we were only away for a week but there was more luggage here than would be needed for a six month polar expedition; I doubt David Livingstone took as much as this when he went searching for the source of the Nile; more bags even than you would expect to find in the average suitcase department of a High street department store.

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