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Sicily, The Historic Centre of Palermo

Palermo Sicily

If you haven’t seen Sicily you haven’t seen Italy. Sicily is where the soul of Sicily is.” – Goethe

This was once the old Arab quarter of the city with a typical maze of narrow streets and blind alleys and Arab architecture including the San Cataldo chapel built with a series of arches and topped with three characteristic crimson domes.  This is also the civic centre of the City and we visited the Palazzo delle Aquile, which is the site of the Town Hall and the Fontana Pretoria, which is an impressive fountain, decorated with nude statues.  In more prudish times it was called the ‘fountain of shame’ but I thought that they were rather nice.

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Palermo, Via Roma and The Grand Hotel et des Palmes

Sicily Palermo

The bus into the city dropped us off beside a square and a museum that we were unable to identify from the inadequate map in our guidebook and we were completely lost.  After sitting for a moment of two in the sun baked square we decided to try our luck in an easterly direction that we sensed would lead us towards the port.  It turned out to be a very good decision because very quickly after that we identified our position from the street signs and realised we were close to the road where we had booked our hotel.

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Grand Hotel et des Palmes, Palermo

Grand Hotel des Palmes in Palermo Lobby

One of my favourite hotels was the Grand Hotel et des Palmes in Palermo, which is one of those early 1900’s type hotel built in the grand design of that time and is the most legendary hotel in Sicily.

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