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Did I Offend Someone?

I write this in the full awareness that it might be the end of some valuable blogging relationships but here goes anyway…


Who would have thought that a HOBBY blog post could offend so may people….

…. so here is another one….

— If I ever get judgemental or rude or mock you then please let me know ….

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Travelling – Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator Sandals Naxos Greece

I had what I called my gladiator sandals since 1999 when I went to Rhodes and they  accompanied me abroad on every single subsequent holiday. By 2006 they were showing signs of wear and were not expected to see through a Greek island hopping adventure. I  made it my mission to see how long I could keep make them last.

The Gladiators made it through the island travels and surprisingly lasted another two years when an important part of the shoe infrastructure failed (one of the straps snapped).

After Rhodes, they had been to the Greek islands of Skiathos, Cephalonia (twice), Santorini (twice), Crete, Thassos, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Ios (twice), Sikinos, Amorgos, Milos and Sifnos.  I finally had to accept that they were irreparable whilst on the island of Folegandros so I thought that this was a suitable place to say goodbye and I  left them there to become part of the Greek earth in whatever landfill site they ended up in.

I really loved those sandals!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Koufinisia Greece Ferry Terminal

Greek Ferry Artemis in Paros

Beginning a Journey…

Soon after we arrived at what is euphemistically described as the departure gate our boat, the Anek Lines, Artemis, arrived on time and we made our way with the handful of fellow passengers to the top deck in the sunshine and as soon as everyone was on board it set off and slipped out of port.

The Artemis, named after the Greek Goddess of the wilderness, the hunt, wild animals and fertility (so quite a spread of responsibility), is a slow boat with a reassuring rhythmic throb of a reliable old engine and we sat in the middle of the boat and took comfort from that.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

Driftwood Boat

DIY Holiday Souvenir

It was a pleasant beach with warm sea, golden sand and a gentle breeze which kept the temperature comfortable.  In the shops earlier we had seen some souvenir boats made of drift wood and this gave me an idea.  It would be impossible to take one home given the restrictions on hand luggage so I decided that I would collect the bits of wood and sticks off the beach, take them home and, in an Airfix sort of way, make my own so I set immediately about beachcombing and starting my collection.

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Greece 2011, Antiparos to Athens

Antiparos Cyclades Greece

When I woke in the morning it was a peculiar sensation (it might have been the Mythos of course) but my head was  swaying as though I was still on Captain Ben’s boat and the bed was gently bobbing from side to side but I was happy with this because it was probably good preparation because we were shortly to take another small boat ride.

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Greece 2011, Captain Ben’s Boat

Party Boat Antiparos Greece

On the previous evening the owners of the Kastro hotel had persuaded us to book a trip for a full day boating adventure and a trip around the island with Captain Ben.  They had promised that it would be great fun and that the weather would be perfect and after a couple of glasses of red wine we were easily talked into handing over our money.

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Greece 2011, The Ferry Journeys

My friend Dai Woosnam has suggested that I illustrate the blog with some maps and I am always happy to oblige and fulfil a request!

Greece 2011, Paros to Amorgos

Greek Ferry Artemis in Paros

“The flavour of the place is pleasant and alert, as you gaze over the rail (of the ferry) you may have a Byronic twinge of nostalgia and decide that one day you might return to settle among those mazy streets and silent dusty squares.”  Lawrence Durrell

We had to set the alarm today because there was an early ferry at half past nine so we woke, packed and went downstairs to be the first on the breakfast terrace.  After several cups of tea and an above average continental breakfast we paid up, said goodbye and rejecting the offer of transport walked to the port.  Turning down the lift was something we quickly regretted because the pavement was uneven, our bags were heavy and even though it was early it was already quite hot.

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Greece 2011, Swimming With Sharks and Greek Australians

Paros Souvenir Drift Wood Boat

After the shortest of refreshment breaks our next stop was the beach which was just a stone’s throw from the hotel so we collected our swimming essentials and found a spot we liked on the sand, stripped down to our bathing costumes and paddled out into the inviting silky water. .

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Greece 2011, Paros and Paroikia Old Town

Paros Greek Fishermen Aegean Sea

“What is the secret of its charm – the feeling of restful ease it gives you while you navigate those dazzling white streets punctuated with whole balconies and bowers of flowers in bloom?”                                                                                      Lawrence Durrell

The narrow cobbled streets invited exploration and as we walked around some led to surprises and others led to nowhere in particular but all around were white washed walls, blue doors and fences and fading menu boards and the place was filled with the familiar smells of the Greek Islands, heavy incense from behind the church doors, fresh lamb moussaka from the tavernas and Tide washing powder spilling out through the open doors and windows of the houses where people went about their daily chores.

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