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Pisa, a change of Hotel Room

The rain spoilt the trip to Sienna and this was a real shame as this is a place that should be seen flushed golden with sunshine but because the weather steadfastly refused to cooperate we were unable to appreciate the full beauty of the town.  We left the restaurant and tried to persevere with sightseeing in a British stiff upper lip sort of way but it was quite unpleasant by now so reluctantly we turned our backs on Siena and walked back to the railway station for the return journey to Pisa.

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Tuscany, Lucca and the World Record for not Sleeping

Lucca is everything that you expect from a Tuscan medieval city.  It is the largest Italian city with its medieval wall still completely intact and inside it has a number of attractive piazzas and a labyrinth of narrow streets to get confused and lost in and we explored some back streets and alleyways before settling down at a pavement café for a drink and a snack in the Piazza St Michele.

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Pisa, Campo dei Miracoli and the Leaning Tower

As well as the Leaning Tower I also liked the museum next door and all of the other magnificent buildings at the Campo dei Miracoli including the Duomo (the Cathedral) and the Babtistry that were both constructed on the same unstable sand as the Tower and also lean half a degree from centre, not as dramatic as the Tower I grant you, but enough to be confusing if you have had a drink or two.

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Pisa, The Leaning Tower

The early morning traffic din was enough to wake the dead and the weather inspection revealed a most unsatisfactory situation.  There was a bit of rain in the air and there was a mizzle that hung over the river and shrouded the buildings on the other side in a hazy mist.  I can’t remember but I expect that I complained about this, when the weather is poor I usually do.

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Pisa, Sleepless Nights at Hotel Royal Victoria

Because Ryanair had recently introduced charges for travelling with hold luggage this was our first attempt at restricting luggage to cabin baggage only.  At the airport I checked in but things became a little difficult when the security checks identified the corkscrew that we had concealed in the middle of a bag.

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa

After finishing her University course my daughter Sally quickly found employment as a school teacher and being unaccustomed to a salary and a credit balance in her bank account quickly set about making arrangements to get it spent.  What better way than to go on holiday, so in early August she set off for a whistle stop back packing trip to Italy.  Before she went she invited me to meet her for a night at the end of the first week and we agreed on Pisa.

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Royal Victoria Hotel, Pisa

Royal Victoria 1

One of the best things about travel is staying in old style grand hotels, those that were built at the beginning of the twentieth century and tenaciously cling on to their former glory in a dogged rearguard action against chipboard furniture and corporate identity rooms.  Large reception areas with marble columns, crystal chandeliers and lavish old-fashioned furniture, which is where these sort of hotels seems to spend about 95% of their room maintenance budgets.

A good example of this type of hotel is the Hotel Royal Victoria in Pisa where we once had the pleasure to stay for a couple of nights.  

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