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Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

Sunflower Head

Sunflowers – Van Gogh rather liked them!

I don’t know what it is about sunflowers but they do seem to excite visitors from Northern Europe, it is probably the spectacle of thousands of happy waving heads in contrast to the solitary one or two that we grow in our own gardens usually with disappointing weedy results.  This is because as their name suggests they need the sun and that is something that is not too plentiful or reliable in England.

I defy anyone (even Van Gogh) or anything but nature to produce such a wonderful work of art!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate, GUM Department Store in Moscow

GUM Moscow
GUM – the most famous department store in Moscow

This mall was built in the late nineteenth century to replace a covered market and originally contained over a thousand stores.  It is built on three levels with a vaulted glass roof and even today resembles a modern cathedral.  On this first visit, thirsty and hungry we ignored the rows of designer shops and made for No. 57 CTOΛOBAЯ, the recommended restaurant on the third floor with a noble history of providing good quality, reasonably priced food for the proletariat.

We picked up a tray, waited in line, selected our food and took it to our chosen table and it turned out to be really, really good, probably the best meal we had had so far in Russia.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur, An Evening in Folegandros

Folegandros Hora, Greek Cycladic Islands

What a fabulous island Folegandros is and completely safe in my top five list of personal favourites.

We first visited in 2007 and the village squares were colourful, vibrant and bursting with an eclectic energy that spilled into the streets from the balconies and terraces of the bars and restaurants.  It was an enchanting place with picturesque settings plucked straight from the pages of a travel book, pretty squares with restaurants under trees where visitors were struggling to make menu selections next to local people just sitting and talking and passing the evening away.

The streets were alive with friendly people and there was an unspoilt ambience that drew us down twisting side streets and through narrow alleys that led always to even more clusters of inviting tavernas that made choosing a dining venue very difficult indeed.  Eventually we selected a table at the side of the main square and we enjoyed excellent food and amused ourselves people watching as there was a constant stream of local people and holiday makers moving continuously through the pretty square.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

Amsterdam Cyclist

It was ten o’clock by the time we had finished our leisurely breakfast and checked out of the hotel and stepped out into the sunny but chilly streets for a second day in Amsterdam.  We followed Prins Hendrikkade but with the Maritime Museum in site and those among us who do not like museums beginning to tremble we turned right back towards the centre and more or less followed the route of the canal boat ride of yesterday but this time on foot.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange, The City of Marrakech

Orange Wall Marrakech

To get to Medersa Ben Youssef the direct route now was to walk through the Souks again so we took the main route in through an arch and past a Mosque which led us to the Rue Semarine which is a perpetually busy street with shops selling robes, kaftans, carpets and antiques then into the Souk el Kebir with a tight warren of alleys all with tiny shops and kiosks.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward, Tests and Certificates

1965 was a mixed year for me when it came to passing exams.  As predicted by the Headmaster and the entire teaching staff at Hillmorton County Junior School I failed my eleven-plus in Spring and was sent to secondary school in September in the bottom grade at Dunsmore School for Boys but to compensate for that I passed my Elementary Test for swimming a whole length of the swimming baths and that was quite something let me tell you.

The certificate was signed by the examiner, Mrs Dick, who was a fearsome woman, Councillor Pattinson, the Chairman of the Baths Committee and Jim Duffy, the Town Clerk no less!

Who needed the eleven-plus? Not Me!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward, Treasure Hunt

Cleethorpes Beach Treasure Hunt

Cleethorpes Child Digging on Beach

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Jewish Symmetry – Prague

It was surprisingly small and until 1787 this was the only place that Jews could be buried in Prague and there an estimated hundred thousand bodies (twelve layers deep) and twelve thousand gravestones here.  There is no order to the gravestones at all and they appeared untidy and arbitrary like a mouthful of rotten old teeth pointing randomly in every decrepit direction.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

A Boatafly…

There were some spectacular views from the top over to the other side of the harbour where tiers of multi coloured houses rise like a sheer cliff face above the narrow harbour and piled randomly one above the other with shutters folded back like the wings of a thousand butterflies basking in the sun.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow – The Colour of Meadows

Field of Yellow Rape