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Arizona, Desert and Deadly Snakes

Arizona Desert

It was a glorious day and we had a lot of it at our disposal because we weren’t due to fly home until much later so after partial recovery we checked out, packed the bags into the vehicle and headed off south into the desert.  We were taking the road towards Tuscon, the Pearl Harbour Memorial Highway,  but it was a long way so we had to abandon any thoughts of getting there and back in time for our flight.

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Arizona, Phoenix Nights and The Rustler’s Rooste

Scottsdale Ballpark

After lunch Allan and Ben talked business with Mike and so wandered outside into the sunshine and tried to follow a ball game that was in progress on the field.

Scottsdale Stadium is an eleven thousand seater baseball field that was built in 1992 and although it wasn’t full there were quite a lot of spectators watching the game.  Baseball is basically primary school rounders but Americans don’t like to admit this and they have added all sorts of rules to make it completely incomprehesible to anyone who is unfamiliar with the game.

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