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Russia, The Peterhof Palace Gardens

Peterhof Palace Gardens

‘The spectacular gardens at Peterhof are remarkable for the sheer variety of styles encompassed in their layout and features.  Representing nearly two centuries of European aristocratic fashion executed to the highest standards, Peterhof is like an encyclopedia of park design’.

Whilst it was still chilly in the shade, in the sheltered parts of the garden and in the sunshine it was by now quite hot as we walked along the front of the Yellow Palace with its gleaming gold leaf roof overlooking the formal gardens below with their rows of bubbling waterfalls and gushing fountains.  We went first to the informal gardens and walked through the trees most of which are only fifty years old or so because these all had to be replaced because, like the Palace interior that was burnt in the fires, the German soldiers cut most of the old ones down for firewood during the occupation.

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The Royal Palace of San Ildefonso o La Granja


We checked out after breakfast and were reunited with the little Chevrolet Matiz that we hadn’t used for two days and we set off on our planned route back to Madrid.  We could have used the new motorway link that tunnels through the mountains but our plan was to use the mountain roads and go over the top.  This was going to be approximately seventy kilometres and I calculated that there was exactly the right amount of fuel left in the tank to get it back to the airport on just about as close to empty as I dared.

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