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Cantabria, Rain and Rough Seas

Altimira came as a real surprise and we spent most of the morning exploring it.  It was a good job we did because outside it was still raining and was quite damp so after we had walked to see the actual opening to the cave (it wasn’t very exciting I have to say) we debated our options and after some indecision decided to go west again to where it seemed a little brighter.  We drove along the Autovia for about twenty kilometres but the weather looked just as grim in front so we turned around and agreed that the best plan might be to go to the city of Santander where it wouldn’t matter if it were raining.

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Cantabria, Meet the Flintstones!

Altimira cave painting

With the entire content of a pharmacy store in my system fighting the cold  man flu I had a better nights sleep but I was still woken in the middle of the night by the curious footsteps in the corridor outside.  I was tempted to investigate but this insane boldness was only temporary and I settled instead for the pulling the bedclothes over my head option and staying put instead.

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Cantabria, San Vicente De La Barquera

San Vincente De La Barquera

When we reached the motorway we headed promptly west again and in a very short time we were in the fishing town of San Vicente De La Barquera, which was busier than Comillas and even in mid December had a hint of vibrancy.  The sky was blue and the sun was shining and despite my horrible cold  man flu this made me feel a whole lot better.

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Cantabria, Santillana del Mar and the Posada San Telmo

Posada San Telmo

Less than two weeks after returning from Andalusia in the south of the county we were returning to Spain but this time to Cantabria in the north.  The lure of £10 return flights had tempted us to travel again and even though it really was far too soon after our last journey but I have to say that I find it almost impossible to let these bargain flight opportunities pass by.

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