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France, Customer Service Improvement and a Car Hire Problem


Earlier in the year we had flown from Stansted Airport to Pula in Croatia and the grotesque behaviour and the appalling lack of manners shown by the airport security staff prompted me  to write to the airport to make a formal complaint when we got back home.

I often threaten to make complaints and then calm down and forget all about it but not this time.  Because of the complete contempt for the customer and the apparent determination to be as rude and ignorant as possible to passengers being processed through the security lines I imagine that quite a lot of other people might have complained as well and I would like to think that all of those complaints collectively did some good because on this occasion there was a completely different experience.

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Istria 2011, Airport Security Staff at Stansted

Stansted airport is becoming a truly dreadful place to start an overseas vacation.  A holiday should begin with a good experience but airport staff seem determined to do all that they possibly can to raise stress levels as high as they can and generally make sure that this doesn’t happen.  It starts at the security baggage procedure where staff would appear to be encouraged to be as unpleasant and as rude to passengers as possible.


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