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Greece 2010, Lindos to Rhodes

It took an hour and ten minutes to get back to Rhodes using for most of the journey the same road that we had taken to drive to Lindos three days earlier but on this occasion thankfully bypassing Falaraki and Kalathea and arriving at just about lunch time.  From the bus stop we walked through noisy Ippokratous Square and back to the little taverna where we had had lunch on the first day for a drink, a short rest and some map interpretation.  It turned out that the Sofia Pension wasn’t that far away and after our drink we found it easily within ten minutes.

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Greece 2010, a short walk from Ixia to Rhodes Town

Now, I know that I am getting older and this might start affecting my memory but this little walk turned out to be much further that I ever remembered.  For a start it took quite a while to get to the hotel where I stayed previously at the Rodos Palace and then the little bar that we used to use, the Surf Bar, which I remembered being right next door but was in fact about five hundred metres further on.  I really did genuinely believe that it was just a five minute stroll and the odd thing is that I don’t remember my teenage children complaining once but after half an hour Kim was in full whinging mode.

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