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HMS TAKU – Community, Bravery and Achievement

A couple of year’s ago at work I was visited by two members of the Spalding Naval Veterans Association who offered the donation of a six foot model of the British Naval submarine H.M.S. ‘Taku’ which really meant nothing to me until I looked into it and discovered a story of community, bravery and achievement.

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La Rochelle, a cliff top walk to La Pallice

La Rochelle France

Another magnificent unblemished blue sky greeted us when we woke and after breakfast at the hotel with gratefully a never ending supply of hot tea we set out to walk along the coastline and find the old German u-boat pens at the main port of La Rochelle at La Pallice.

During the Second World War, Germany established one of its main submarine bases here to support their operations in the Atlantic Ocean and it was such an important stronghold that they were very reluctant to leave and La Rochelle was the last French city to be liberated at the end of the War.  There was a siege that lasted between September 12th, 1944, and May 7th, 1945, in which the stronghold was held by twenty thousand defiant German troops. The French troops only finally broke the siege and entered the city on May 8th.

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