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A Mysterious Loss

Just over fifty  years ago when I was about fifteen I bought a fascinating book called ‘The Reader’s Digest Book of Strange Stories and Amazing Facts’.

The book was an almanac of random stories and unlikely mysteries with tales of the supernatural, mythical beasts, feats of improbable strength, a glimpse into the future and it was divided into chapters such as “Strange customs and superstitions”, “Hoaxes, frauds and forgeries” and “Eccentrics and prophecies.”

I mention this because the weather has improved sufficiently to resume walking across the footpaths around the village where I live.  A day or so ago we were in the fields quite a long way from any houses or roads and this caught my eye propped up against a gatepost.

It wasn’t dumped, it was in excellent condition.  How, I wondered did someone manage to walk into the countryside with the help of a crutch and then lose it?  How did they get home again?  Did they meet a Saint who performed an unlikely  miracle?