These are the travel blogs about my train journeys:

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6 responses to “Trains

  1. Andrew’s stories are inspiring and his photos leave me wanting to crawl into them. The photos of Spain make me eager for my impending move there!

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  2. You have a lovely blog! Look forward to reading many of your posts:) I love trains too:)

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  3. I love trains, especially traveling abroad aboard with the experience you get and how convenient it is. One of my favorite trips was in northern Spain on a sleeping train, me and my siblings played cards with some guy from Oklahoma(I’m from Pennsylvania). Great experience and great scenery.

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  4. Hi Andrew, this is Phil, Michaela’s other half – any travel blog post with “trains” in the title gets me interested; absolutely love train travel in different countries. By coincidence, we’ve done two of your featured journeys too (Riga to Jurmala and Salzburg to Halstatt)! Being a Derby boy, I’m from a railway family; if it’s a joy, it’s a joy that never leaves you; even standing on a platform waiting for the train still revives that sense of boyhood wonder…

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    • Hi Phil, I need to update that post with some more of my more recent train journeys.

      In 2017 we travelled through Portugal by train from Lisbon to Porto and in 2018 we took the trains in Northern Italy from Milan to Rimini and back.

      By coincidence I lived in Derbyshire from 1979 to 2001 and my family still live there in West Hallam near Ilkeston.

      A few years ago I had the pleasure of taking my grandson to the National Railway Museum in York.

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