Beverley Minster – The Musicians

Beverley Minster Musicians

The minster is famous for its carvings of medieval musical instruments. There are over 70 such carvings, illustrating instruments that are familiar to modern viewers, but also a variety of unusual medieval instruments. Among the carvings are depictions of bagpipes, flutes, pipes, organs, tambourines, shawms, cymbals, trumpets, lutes, and more.

This was my favourite…

Beverley Minster Musician


11 responses to “Beverley Minster – The Musicians

  1. Fantastic sculptures. Amazing the details that went into even these small works of art!


  2. I like the way that Mr Bottom Right has just the one cheek distended so much more than the other in order to get a better blow on his trumpet. You will find the same kind of amusing little caricatures in Lincoln, but they haven’t got the orchestra!


  3. What fun, Andrew. My favorite was the guy playing two flutes? at once. That would take a lot of wind! 🙂 –Curt


  4. I like the first guy with the bell and book looking somewhat serious and I guess there are others with candles in the background in the process of excommunicating someone who had committed a grievous sin (R & A taking photos without paying for a permit?) Possibly, but we did buy some coasters in the cathedral shop.


  5. maristravels

    I love them all


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