Staying Closer to Home and Making Discoveries

Trees 001

The current lock down may be inconvenient but it does have some positives.

We have lived in the village of Healing for over two years but have really seen very little of it but with wider restrictions on travel we have been exploring the lanes and paths nearby.

There is good network of footpaths and bridle ways and there seems to no conflict with the local farmers about easy access even when they cut directly across farmland and crops. It is easy walking because much of the landscape of the parish is low-lying agricultural land and the sea level is just around fifteen feet and is drained by man-made drains.

Tree 004

We walked south today and covered a distance of almost eight miles, five miles across the fields and then three more back to the village along Wells Road.  In the Victorian period two mineral springs were discovered in the parish, one was fresh water, the other chalybeate (salts of iron) which were said to be effective in curing skin disorders.  The site of the springs, which still flow, is on Wells Road and the village is called Healing as a consequence.

The current spell of fine weather has encouraged Spring to accelerate and all along the trail the trees were beginning to burst into leaf…

Click on an image to scroll through the gallery…

The farmers around here take good care of the land and everywhere is mostly clean and tidy but someone always has to spoil it…

Fly Tipping

In the afternoon we sat in the garden and watched the seedlings growing.  Isolation is such good fun…

Seedlings 01

Later as afternoon tipped over into evening we followed the progress of the Pink Supermoon…

Full Moon

Amusing to think that fifty years ago man flew a quarter of a million miles to the moon but right now can’t leave the end of the road!

38 responses to “Staying Closer to Home and Making Discoveries

  1. Bravo for your closing statement. Thanks for sharing the photos of your exploration. Stay safe my friend!

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  2. I enjoyed the photos of your area, and the moon shot, Andrew. Yes, isolation is good for rediscovering one’s own back yard.


  3. it’s nice you had a chance to explore the smaller world around you, and it looks like a lovely place. great point about the irony of man on the moon.


  4. Your home area looks not dissimilar to ours (flatter, maybe). It’s good getting to know the home patch, isn’t it?


  5. Of necessity, we too have been exploring close to home.


  6. We often go outside without realising the bounties we have at home.


  7. I knew Lincolnshire was a flat Arable county but hadn’t really appreciated that it a,
    also meant there was a lack of livestock!


  8. Thank you for the walk. It is also flat here with arable land and one dairy farm.


  9. We observe differently on foot

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  10. One of my closest friends grew up in Healing. I shall send him a link to this.


  11. Thanks for this post Andrew, I have just posted something similar – we too are discovering or re-discovering local footpaths. A silver lining to this dark cloud hovering over us at the moment.


  12. Well done you!

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  13. I used to get a bit bored with some of the local walks we did when we lived in Hartlepool, Andrew, but most things have novelty value first time around. Let’s hope it doesn’t go on for too long. 🙂 🙂

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  14. First, Andrew, thanks for the pleasant walk. Second, your photo of the moon (it was hanging outside our house early this morning looking beautiful) and comment about man’s journey there reminded me that astronauts are now providing advice on how to handle self-isolation. 🙂 –Curt

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  15. What a beautiful walk. Our walks of necessity are urban, but we’re still finding new things we hadn’t noticed before.

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  16. Nice to get to know your own neighbourhood in this forced staycation!! It looks like a lovely spot. I wondered why it was called Healing, now I know! Thanks. Enjoy your Easter.

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