Village Walks, My Latest Post

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18 responses to “Village Walks, My Latest Post

  1. I’m glad you took another walk today, it may become a well-worn path as our lockdown continues, but what a very enjoyable path to walk.


  2. Good gallery; good walk


  3. love going on these walks with you, you’re always finding interesting things along the way. walking every day has really been a game-changer for me in every way


  4. Old posts and rusted steel! It is, in some ways, more interesting to me than your overseas trips. When you have to stay at home you are inclined to find the magic in the details around you. I really like all these. Keep well.

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  5. Nice to enjoy the views with you. I especially like the last one with the green post and the daffodils.


    • Thanks Crystal, there was once a substantial fence attached to this post.
      Hope you are keeping safe?

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      • I have posts like that on my property – that once held back horses. Now I appreciate the posts because I find them scenic. We are well here! I’m in the country and the number of positive cases are quite low, so that, combined with staying home most of the time, makes me feel quite safe. My Tara is in a different city for school, but is also well, though I worry about their partner, who works daily at a grocery store. So far everyone I know is safe and well. I trust you both are doing ok too?

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      • Like you we live in the country so not as dangerous as the towns and cities I hope!

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  6. Interesting finds!


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