Town Twinning, Evreux, France and Speyer, Germany

Town Twinning became a big thing after the Second World War as people sought to repair relationships with their neighbours and I have often wondered what the process was for getting a twin town.

Perhaps it was like the draw for the third round of the FA cup when all the names go into a hat to be drawn out with each other, or perhaps it was like the UCAS University clearing house system where towns made their preferred selections and waited for performance results to see if they were successful; or perhaps it was a sort of dating service and introductory agency.

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One response to “Town Twinning, Evreux, France and Speyer, Germany

  1. Hello Andrew
    I am the current chairman of Rugby Evreux Twinning Association and came across your article on twinning by accident.
    Couldn’t help noticing the garden party photo and wondered if you could confirm that two of the ladies in the photo are Margaret Mitchell-King and Judy Bradbrook. Don’t think I recognise any others although the man on the right (smoking) could be a younger David Smith. Do you remember whose garden it is.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Dave Cocks


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