Norway, Haugesund Museum

Haugesund Norway

On the way back it started to rain again so we quickened our pace and returned to the hotel and made for the tea machine and the television lounge.  Twelve o’clock was checking out time so we completed the formalities and then wondered what to do.  The city museum, that was closed yesterday, was open from midday today but I couldn’t persuade Kim to step out in the drizzle for a second time so I left her in the comfy chair next to the log fire that was crackling in the grate and went back out by myself.

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3 responses to “Norway, Haugesund Museum

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  2. Hi there – just found your blog and have been reading about your trip to Haugesund. Sounds like we need to pass out Prozac at the airport. Sorry you had such a soggy stay.

    The west coast of Norway is notorious wet – a few years back it rained in Bergen for 80 days straight.

    So they came up with this great condescending saying that they use to mock people from better climates. “Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær” or “There is no such thing as bad weather, just a bad wardrobe.” I would recommend wellington boots and a squall jacket for your next visit, even in the summer time.

    The best time to visit Haugesund is late May, July and early August, you can expect temperatures around 18 – 22 degrees on a good day, but make sure you have a sweater it can get chilly at night. The street in front of the Amanda hotel is filled with outdoor restaurants and is glorious on a sunny day.

    Oh, and the taxi driver gave you a fair price. Norwegians don’t cheat tourists, they save that for their neighbors! 😉


    • Hi, Thanks for the comment. I thought Haugesund was great despite the rain, I especially liked the unexpected museum. Returning in the summer is definately on my itinerary when I can find flights at a good price. I enjoyed reading some pages from your blog! Andrew.


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