Greece 2011, Koufonisia and Beaches and Silent Relationships

Koufonisia Greece Cyclades

Each time we travel to Greece for the island hopping holiday we have to make room in the itinerary for a day or two of beaches and by the second day in Koufonisia it was clear that this year this was it.

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8 responses to “Greece 2011, Koufonisia and Beaches and Silent Relationships

  1. Unable to catch up with your numberless Greece-related posts which I am looking forward to reading,today I was tempted to go through this one and then I will have to go back to Piraeus and start my journey again.
    You have your own unique way,Andrew, to describe people,places and personal experiences.
    I totally enjoyed your vivid writing and your descriptions and at the same time the humouristic approach to the facts.
    Your ‘Luc Besson trilogy’ parallelism was very successfully dramatised.


  2. Andrew! How could you..slower your pace to take in the differences and comparisons…you naughty naughty boy!

    Still very funny and I enjoyed it all


  3. That second photo just screams “jump!”


  4. I wish I could start off a post with “Whenever we travel to Greece…”. Beautiful photos! They make me want to write a post beginning with, “when I begin my trip to Greece…”


  5. I’ve seen that same water color phenomenon here at my beach just once where it went from turquoise to an increasingly darker shade of blue (almost navy blue) out toward the horizon. It may be a common occurrence Greece, but I’m thinking here it might have had something to do with the quality of the light. At the same time the seastacks and cliffs were exceptionally vivid, showing details I’d never noticed before.

    I agree: funny and naughty indeed.


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