Tallinn, Christmas Market

Christmas market

Here, in the middle of the town we had reached our objective because since 2001, from December through to the end of the first week in January, Tallinn hosts a traditional Christmas market.  This is appropriate because (although this is disputed, especially in Northern Germany) the picturesque Town Hall Square is claimed to be the site of the world’s first Christmas tree, which formed part of a ritual begun in 1441, when unmarried merchants sang and danced with the town’s girls around a tree, which, when they had had enough fun and drink they then burned down.

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4 responses to “Tallinn, Christmas Market

  1. I’d love to come to Europe one day and feel the atmosphere of a traditional Christmas market. I’ve seen so many pictures and they all look fabulous. In Canada, we don’t have many markets that would be comparable to those in Europe, but, luckily, our local Toronto Christmas market looks at least similar to the famous European ones.


  2. I’d love to visit that part of Europe one day. A friend of mine went there last summer and had a great time. She told me to hurry up before that area become too touristic and commercialized like Prague, etc.


    • I agree with that advice. I went to Riga in 2005 and it was so wonderful that I returned in 2006, 2007 and 2008 but by the last time it had started to become commercialised and more expensive and it was beginning to lose its charm. Tallinn seemed to me to be a little way behind Riga but the same thing is sure to happen there.


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