My Favourite Pictures of the Greek Islands – 1

Windmill and Church on Amorgos

High on a windy ridge above the Hora where inhospitable thistles cling to the weathered sun-baked rocks stand the redundant windmills of Amorgos.  We explored the narrow mazy streets and climbed to the very top to the derelict buildings that overlook the town and the Venetian castle built on top of a rocky outcrop that soars above the houses and the blue domed churches and its mass of dazzling white buildings.

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2 responses to “My Favourite Pictures of the Greek Islands – 1

  1. Exploration of Greek islands is indeed a must!


  2. Dear Moment Matters,

    I am sure you are right.
    But please tell us WHY.
    And is it more of a “must” than say, exploring Australia or visiting all the Canary Islands?
    A sincere question. And I ask it because alas, there have to be LEVELS of “must”, simply because some of us are no longer young and everything we do is now a race against the undertaker, and we thus have – of necessity – to make some tough choices.
    So please explain the many reasons why you think exploring the Greek Islands is so essential, and why you would put it head, shoulders (and perhaps TORSO) above visiting NYC or the Norwegian fjords?
    That is of course, if you still do …

    Dai Woosnam


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