Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

Moscow Metro

The Moscow Metro

The Moscow Metro is the world’s second most heavily used metro system after the Tokyo’s twin subway. It has nearly three hundred kilometres of track, twelve lines, and one hundred and eighty stations.

Whilst visitors to London would be unlikely to consider the ‘Tube’ to be a tourist attraction in Moscow the Metro is a ‘must visit’ place and not just for getting around the city because each station has a unique design using elaborate decorations and materials from all over the country, including granite, quartzite, limestone, twenty kinds of marble, semiprecious stones and are decorated with plus bronze sculptures, majolica panels, stainless steel columns, glittering chandeliers, bas-relief friezes, stained-glass panels, murals, and mosaics.

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8 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

  1. It conjures u the idea of a treasure hunt or possibly passport stamps for arriving at each station.


  2. oh yes… the metro! ) beautifully captured, Andrew! was it Komsomolskaya station ? if not, please, lie to me, cause that would be awkward for someone who’s born in Moscow ))


  3. Great pic – love the flash of the train whipping through the station. Great job. Sonia Jones Travel


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