Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering

Venice Gondoler depot

“The Venetian gondola is as free and graceful, in its gliding movement, as a serpent. It is twenty or thirty feet long and is narrow and deep like a canoe; its sharp bow and stern sweep upward from the water like the horns of a crescent…. The bow is ornamented with a battle axe attachment that threatens to cut passing boats in two.”  –  Mark Twain – ‘The Innocents Abroad’

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7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering

  1. How much for a ride in a gondola nowadays? Perhaps they should introduce them to Birmingham, complimentary bag of chips for every passenger. More canals than Venice you know…..


  2. It’s about 80 to 100 euro, depending on the time of day, etc. That’s per boat, not passenger.


  3. Lovely pic! I featured gondoliers in my gathering post, if you’d like to check it out. In almost exactly the same location as this. http://www.eyestoheart.me … Love Venice. Such an interesting city.


  4. Great quote to go with the photo.

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