School Day Memories

Andrew age 10

When I first began blogging in 2006 I started with some posts about growing up.  This was on a bogging platform provided by AOL.  In 2007 they closed it down and I transferred my posts to Blogger.  I never really liked Blogger so I moved again to WordPress.

I have posted these ‘growing up’ posts three separate times but no one has ever read them so I thought I might tray again.

This is my story of Primary School days.

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11 responses to “School Day Memories

  1. What a nice looking little lad you were, Andrew. 🙂 🙂


  2. Well, I’ve just popped over and read it…brought back memories…the smells of the classroom, inky fingers and writing with a fountain pen, the bottles of milk…..

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  3. What a handsome young fellow! I started out with blogger and didn’t like it either. It was quite fussy with loading pictures.


  4. Interesting. I have vague memories from preschool all the way to when we came to the US. I do have one clear memory . . . I always sat in the back because then I wouldn’t be called upon.


  5. I enjoyed this walk down memory lane. It’s amazing how much education has changed in just one generation.


  6. Ah, I recall reading that post.

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