East Anglia, The End of The Holiday

Suffolk 2018

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19 responses to “East Anglia, The End of The Holiday

  1. The deckchair photo reminds me of my first ever trip to Weymouth with a mate, we were 18 and slept on the beach in a tent made from sacking! But I saw there the two jobs I always fancied, deck chair attendant and ice cream parlour owner. Still hoping!

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    • I took my grandson (5) to a funfair, he said that when he grows up he wants a job looking after the dodgems. I hope he becomes more ambitious as he grows older!

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      • I don’t think I did! The young man renting the deck chairs merely sat on the beach wearing only shorts, a leather money bag around his neck, reading a book and waving his hand in the direction of the large pile of deck chairs each time someone paid him. He never moved, spoke or looked up …. idyllic!


  2. There not their …


  3. And, I always want a sun dial when I see one.

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  4. She’s a big girl!! 42D perhaps.


  5. Another good set, symbolising seaside holiday at its best


  6. A brief backward glance, then onward.


  7. Ha, I had a similar reaction to the mermaid! Very scary indeed. She’s get me out of the water faster than a shark, Andrew. 🙂 –Curt


  8. Life’s just one big holiday for you isn’t it? When you going to get a proper job and settle down?


  9. Did that gull have its eye on the fish and chips?


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