Time Travel – An Alternative Sort of Project

I am going to try something different for the month of March.

I have been motivated to do this by my blogging pal Brian who is currently writing a series of posts about genealogy and a search for the meaning of life.

Mine is a sort of alternative sort of search – genealogy without the genealogy!

I first started this blog in November 2009 and I called it ‘The Age of Innocence’ and I intended it to be a look back over the first twenty years or so of my life by examining some of the key events of the years that were making the big news that I was blissfully unaware of.  I have always imagined the post war years of the 1950s to be an almost idyllic existence, Enid Blyton sort of days with long hot summers, blue skies, bike rides and picnics and not a care in the world!

The blog was a slow starter, in the first month the statistics show six views increasing to nine in December.  On the basis of these figures it is fair to assume then that not many people have read my early posts so I have decided that ten years since first publication I will go back and review them and repost.

I am not travelling much right now so I will so how this goes through March – 1954  to 1957 but I will also get diverted and do a bit of time travel along the way…

Click on an image to scroll through the gallery…

Like me, you may find Brian’s Blog an interesting one – you can find it here…

“Buddha walks into a library…”

34 responses to “Time Travel – An Alternative Sort of Project

  1. Changed the blog name too I see! An interesting project I look forward to reading and hopefully I can identify with especially since we are not travelling much ourselves at present, except to,and from medical centres, hospitals and GP surgeries😂. I like the sardine tins in the header, we once had a chance to visit a sardine canning factory somewhere in Norway while we were on a cruise but went to a bar instead and spent more on a beer than the entrance for two of us to the factory! Thanks for the kind words as usual about my blog too 🙏.

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  2. That’s weird, never noticed that before that your post title comes up at the top of a page as if it were the blog name!

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  3. Haha not even born lol

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  4. Little did Mr McDonald know what an impact he would have on the whole world!

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  5. Looking forward to your time travel, Andrew

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  6. These will be fun posts to read. Looking forward to it.

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  7. fun! i think i’m going to like these )

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  8. Hah, now I can see how your childhood compares to mine. I am a bit older, however. By 1957, that girl in the photo definitely would have been interesting to me. 🙂 –Curt

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  9. Sounds interesting! Especially to someone of similar vintage such as myself.

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  10. Interesting.. wasn’t quite born yet. The first Mac Donald’s where I live was 1995

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  11. This should be interesting to compare what went on either side of the Atlantic in our early years. Though you’re a decade behind me and Curt.

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  12. Thank god for that; for a moment I thought I had gone completely round the twist, as I can’t ever recall thinking about ;or caring about it when it all boils down, the meaning of life that is, can’t see the point in it.
    As for time travel I’ll stick to my Police Box TYVM 😈
    Beam me up Scotty!

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  13. I did look at Brian’s blog but there were too many facts and figures for me, Andrew- especially at this time of night 🙂 🙂

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  14. I find this type of post fascinating Andrew so I’m very interested in reading them. I studied history at uni so that has always appealed but I especially love the weaving of people’s personal stories into the historical context. I have found it useful to understand things in my own family – my mother for example joined the WRNS in the war as a radio operator. For her it meant a chance to experience some freedom living in London away from her family! I’m an avid genealogist and do a lot of research. Would like to blog about it but have unearthed a few surprises especially on one branch of the family so I have to be discreet.

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  16. You should travel more, I think . Age isn’t an issue for travelling . Anyway I loved it , kind of new to me.


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