Top Five Searches 2009- 2021

Always, at this time of the year I spend some time looking at my statistics. This year I have been looking back over twelve years to find my Top Five most searched terms which may or may not have brought people to my posts…

Number 5 – Ponte Veccio – 2,508 search clicks

Florence and the Ponte Vecchio

First posted – February 2010
Total visits – 114
Best Year – 2015, 54 visits
2021 – zero visits

A bit of a mystery this one.  I love the stats but there is something wrong here, 2,508 search clicks but only 114 post visits?   Just another WordPress anomaly perhaps.

Number 4 -Wieliczka Salt Mine – 4586 search clicks

Wieliczka Salt Mine

First posted – April 2010
Total visits – 18,340
Best Year – 2013, 5016 visits
2021 – 46 visits so still nice to get visits to a ten year old post.

Number 3 – Vesuvius – 4858 search clicks

Mount Vesuvius, Living on The Edge of Disaster

First posted – April 2010
Total visits – 18,654
Best Year – 2013, 5016 visits
2021 – 465 visits so the oldest posts with the longest legs.

Number 2 – Moulin Rouge – 7,340 search clicks

Onyx UK and an Inappropriate Visit To The Moulin Rouge

A bit of a surprise this one

First posted – August 2011
Total visits – 6,788
Best Year – 2012, 4427 visits
2021 – 15

Number 1 – Vikings – Way out in front with 20,775 search clicks

Norway, Haugesund and the Vikings

First posted – March 2011
Total visits – 24,710
Best Year – 2012, 14,773 visits
2021 – only 15 visits so well past its sell by date.


20 responses to “Top Five Searches 2009- 2021

  1. So there you go! Where will you be focusing your attention in ’22, Andrew? I pay almost no attention to stats but I do enjoy a look back now and then. Wishing you, K, and the grandies a very healthy, happy year ahead, wherever it takes you.


  2. One year, you’ll persuade me to go investigating my stats. But then again, it’ll only remind me of maths lessons at school, so maybe not. Happy travels and blogging in 2022 Andrew!


  3. An interesting selection


  4. Of those you mentioned I think my favourite was the Salt mines.


  5. Best wishes for 2022, Andrew!


  6. An interesting exercise! I still miss the WordPress stat monkeys with their fireworks. Happy new year!


  7. Always interesting, Andrew. I haven’t looked at my stats in over a year. Maybe you will inspire me to change my ways. The very best to you in 2022. –Curt


  8. I enjoy seeing your stats every year, and your reaction to finding particular posts at the top of the list. I used to review my stats often, now it’s only occasionally. I find that there is one very old post that gets all the attention and I’m convinced WP (or Google?) just sends everyone to the same old post. The stats do fascinate me. Posts that I put a lot of work into and I’m so eager to publish and see what kind of discussion is elicited, often end up getting barely any notice. Posts I throw up in 20 minutes or posts I could care less about – often end up getting the most comments. It’s curious how traffic works on blogs. I have found that people do prefer blogs that publish frequently and regularly, so that puts me out of the popularity contest right there!! ha ha


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