A to Z of Cathedrals – K is for Kotor in Montenegro


After a long drive around the Bay of Kotor we eventually arrived in the City which was bigger than I imagined it would be from the descriptions in the travel guides and there was a six deck, two thousand passenger cruise liner tied up at the dock which was so huge it dwarfed the town and looked sadly out of place.  I may have mentioned this before but I really do not like these cruise ships.

At 35º centigrade it was extremely hot so we were pleased to go through the main gate of the old town and into the shaded cooler streets inside, Kim because she was out of the sun and me because she had stopped complaining about it.

It was busy inside because Kotor old town is quite small with a population of about five and a half thousand and it was playing host to the holidaymakers from the cruise liner and hundreds of others as well which temporarily more than doubled the population.

Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage site and inside the walls the narrow sinuous streets took us past little picturesque shops, cafés, bars, antique monuments and cream stone buildings, balconies overflowing with billowing flowers, washing lines full of immaculate laundry and the overwhelming smell of laundry powder and fabric conditioner.

Kotor Cathedral is dedicated to St Tryphon who it turns out is one of the least remarkable Catholic Saints.  His relics are kept in Constantinople (Istanbul) and Rome but his head is kept in Kotor.

The old town of Kotor is wedged in between the rugged Bay and at the foot of the imposing Lovćen massif mountain range directly under overhanging limestone cliffs of the mountains Orjen and Lovćen.  To be honest I don’t remember visiting the Cathedral, I don’t think we did, we just took up position in a nearby bar and looked at it so we didn’t get to see the head of St Tryphon which was a sheme.

I remember this priest on his mobile phone.  I always wonder who priests are talking to on a mobile phone.  Are they checking in with God or are they ordering pizza?

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36 responses to “A to Z of Cathedrals – K is for Kotor in Montenegro

  1. Perhaps the priest is talking to his wife or girlfriend? I have absolutely no idea if that is possible in the Greek/Russian Orthodox churches. Obviously, Catholic is a no-no.

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  2. I have not been there and do not plan to.


  3. Looks like an interesting place. I love the picture of the priest on the cell phone. In Toledo, we followed a couple of nuns with backpacks and cell phones. I love that juxtaposition.

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  4. Koror looks interesting, but sad about the mammoth cruise ships ….


  5. I see a reminder of your washing line series


  6. Haha! I got a similar priestly image in Thessaloniki, where thankfully, there were no cruise ships – not while we were there. My bête noire too.


  7. I am so with you on those cruise ships and would absolutely hate to holiday on one of them.


  8. Lost track of our game score but we have been to Kotor – we bookended a Montenegro tour with two stays there. We too witnessed a cruise liner which arrived overnight – it was as if someone had built a giant block of flats overnight, it dwarfed Kotor so comprehensively. Nice place, Kotor, but its position at the inner end of a fjord made it a bit of a playground for mosquitoes and the like – biting bugs by the million.


  9. Loved the washing! I remember thinking the same about the cruise ships, they absolutely dwarf the pavement. We stayed in Perast which is much more peaceful but did enjoy Kotor


  10. Very nice. Remember visiting Kotor a few years ago and wish I had, had longer there to explore. Lovely little place and such stunning scenery. Thanks for sharing


  11. I love the ruggedness of the surrounds, Andrew. The cruise ship, not so much.


  12. It looks lovely and yet I have never heard of it! Spectacular washing too.


  13. An unusual place. Large liners should not be made.. wonderful when they were laid up during the pandemic


  14. I wonder … do priests eat pizza? Maybe they do (but only in secret). I like the pictures of clothes on the washing line – ah, which reminds me … I need to get back to my chores ☺️.


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  16. Been on my list for a while 😊

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  17. Kotor looks fabulous but is it full of tourists from that enormous cruise ship?


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